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Devon Ecobuild
is an experienced team of builders led by Richard Arnold. Richard has been building for the last 20 years. He is supported at Devon Ecobuild by Wil Rennie & Matt Sens. Wil has been with us at Devon Ecobuild since the beginning of the company, as well as previously working with Richard at "Arnold & Lang". Matt has recently joined the Devon Ecobuild team, also having a long and experienced background in the building industry.

At Devon Ecobuild we have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for environmentally conscious building & restoration.  This, combined with a helpful inclusive approach can assist our clients realise their plans.

Devon Ecobuild  will  promote, source  &  supply:    

the most appropriate & environmentally friendly

  • materials,
  • products
  • building techniques

 So as to provide our clients with a complete package for their build or restoration project. 

During works we would actively:-

  • recover materials for reuse on site
  • reduce waste into landfill. 
  • discourage the use of materials with poor environmental credentials, high embodied energy and those associated with excessive transportation.

Richard Arnold has been a member of
the Association of Environment
Conscious Building for over 15 years.